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managing to sort myself out, three weeks out of hospital, three weeks with no pills, medication or cigarettes and three weeks with no attacks, I’m starting a new leaf, with new people and my therapy is helping me cope. I’ve come such a long way and I’m not the same person that i was when I got admitted to a&e, everything has changed in my eyes. I’m so glad and lucky I’m still here to see it all and I’m finally out of the dark place that had captured me for so long. Taking one day at a time




always date a tumblr boy because if you choose them right they’re already well educated on periods and other feminine things

and they know how to deal with our fandom addictions and are probably fandom addicts themselves which means you can fangirl together

why isn’t tumblr a dating site I mean really we’re all single we all look at gay porn and blog all of our interests like really

Fuck sake yes I made a mistake please get over it, sorry is all I can say?!